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Papua New Guinea Tourism Document Search
Papua New Guinea Tourism Document Search

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Port Moresby Bird Brochure
A pocket-book guide to the birds of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.
Size: 14766kb

Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority, Port Moresby Bird Brochure
A pocket-book guide to the birds of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.
Size: 14766kb

Tourism Master Plan 2007-2017
The Papua New Guinea Tourism Sector Review and Master Plan 2007-2017 was developed by the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) through the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC).
Size: 1656kb

TWPIWG 2014 Newsletter
This is the first issue of the TMP IWG Niusleta. The 'niusleta' is created to provide awareness to the Tourism industry and stakeholders on the implementation of the Tourism Master Plan (TMP).
Size: 5844kb

Visitor Survey Report 2011
Visitor Survey Report 2011
Size: 1397kb

2011 Visitor Arrivals Report
Final total visitor arrivals report for PNG in 2011. The report presents the trends and market share analysis of all short-term international visitors, strongly emphasizing on holiday visitors.
Size: 643kb

Tourism Attractions Guidebook
In this document you are going to learn about the important role of visitor attractions in PNG. You will be reminded of all different attractions PNG has to offer.
Size: 2709kb

Guesthouse Development Guidebook
PNGTPA in its endeavour to assist Papua New Guineans’ develop tourism products and services to an acceptable standard have once again come up with this “Guest House Development Guide”.
Size: 1482kb

Product Development Guidebook
This manual will assist and guide industry members on tourist product identification and development. Being that advice has been given on an ad hoc basis and this will serve as an appropriate guide.
Size: 912kb

Mt Wilhelm Tourism Development Plan
This document is a Tourism Development Plan for the Mount Wilhelm Climb. It is a Plan prepared for adoption by the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority to form a basis for discussion with key stakeholders.
Size: 1304kb
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