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5 Incredible Places on the Kokoda Track
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5 Incredible Places on the Kokoda Track
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5 Incredible Places on the Kokoda Track
26 June 2015


Kokoda is a 96 kilometre trekking route in Papua New Guinea made famous by a World War Two campaign that took place as a series of battles across the Owen Stanley Ranges from Owers Corner in the Central Province to Kokoda Station in the Northern Province. 

Today, Kokoda is a war-time pilgrimage site for generations of Australians, Japanese and Papua New Guineans.  Matching the extraordinary history is the Track’s incredible natural and cultural appeal – from stunning landscapes, rich tropical vegetation to the fiercely proud yet remarkable Koiari people whose land the Kokoda Track cuts through.

Below are five of many incredible places on the Kokoda Track that you are bound to encounter should you decide to trek this legendary trail. 

1. Brigade Hill

Located in the middle of the Track, this grassy sloping hill seems strangely out of place after hours of upward trekking through towering tree jungle.This is the site of the WWII Kokoda Campaign’s Battle for Brigade Hill – 6th-9th September, 1942, which led to victory for the Japanese and loss for the Australians who, outnumbered and outflanked, failed to keep the Japan Imperial Army from advancing. The memorial plaque at Brigade Hill affirms the huge loss of lives. Beside this commemorative plaque, the rolling eastern landscape of the Koiari mountains offer perfect repose to reflect on the history of Brigade Hill that sits bare and solitary like natures alter to the fallen.

2. Efogi Village

When you reach the big Koiari village of Efogi, beautiful garden beds greet you teeming with corn, pitpit, pumpkin-squash, choko, bananas, kaukau, yam and in-between colourful flowers of wild orchids, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, lantanas and more.As you pass through, curious children follow and stare offering you their quick shy smiles, while passing men and women carrying bilums bulging with garden food or gardening implements exchange polite banter with the porters and guides.Connected to the rest of the world by the Track and an airstrip, Efogi – much like the other villages on the Track, reminds you of the incredible resilience of the local people.Connecting with them even through a simple and friendly greeting or handshake is a wonderful and satisfying experience.

3. Mount Bellamy

At an elevation of 2,250 meters the trek over Mount Bellamy is incredibly difficult.One of the many great pieces of advice our heroic porters and guides told us when trekking up a mountain was ‘never look up’ and ‘keep putting one foot in front of the other’.Even with you fighting the urge to look up, the scenery behind you and on your sides offer pause for admiration.One such magical place on this challenging ascent is a lichen forest with moss-covered floors, boulders and buttress roots.It’s like something out of a fairytale - a mile of moss-cover where perhaps some local forest-god slumbered, any moment longer in this place and it felt the moss would grow on you. Best to keep moving one foot in front of the other until you reach the very top where the spectacular view will surely stun the exhaustion out of you.