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  • Hagen Show
    The 2017 Hagen Show is set for August 19th to 20th. Held in the Western Highlands township of Mt. Hagen, the cultural show is expected to be a rousing event.
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  • Kokoda 75th Anniversary
    This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the World War Two Kokoda Campaign. Join in the commemoration activities in Papua New Guinea celebrating one of the most iconic battles in the history of PNG and Australia.
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  • Frangipani Festival
    The residents of Rabaul invite you to their annual Frangipani Festival: September 15th to 17th. The festival celebrates the rebirth of Rabaul after the 1994 volcanic eruptions:
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  • Goroka Show
    The 2017 Goroka Show will be held September 15th to 17th. Come along and be a part of this spectacular cultural festival uniting tribes in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
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  • Morobe Show
    The Morobe show is an annual event hosted by the Morobe Provincial Agricultural Society, in Papua New Guinea’s second largest city.
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  • Crocodile Festival
    This special festival celebrates one of Papua New Guinea's famous tribal heartlands and the significance of the revered crocodile - a motif throughout Sepik River culture.
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  • Paiya Mini Show
    The Paiya Mini Show is a cultural event staged annually in Paiya Village, Western Highlands Province. The specialty show is set for August 18th in 2017.
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  • Lukim PNG Nau Tourism Expo 2017
    PNG Tourism Industry Association presents Lukim PNG Nau 2017 - a tourism expo showcasing PNG culture, nature and adventure products, services and activities.
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  • Kenu & Kundu Festival
    Stunning traditional canoes and 'kundus' feature prominently in this exciting cultural festival held in Alotau, Milne Bay Province.
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  • Bilum Festival
    Karkar Island Bilum Festival: See bilum-weaving displays, arts, crafts and colorful singsings - experience Karkar Island at this unique festival in Madang Province.
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  • Enga Show
    The people of Enga will be celebrating their 2017 cultural show August 11th-13th in Wabag Town. Come along for a thrilling event showcasing the best of Enga and Highlands culture.
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  • Kutubu Festival
    The 2017 Kutubu Kundu and Digaso festival offers a rare treat of fascinating cultural performances from the Southern Highlands against the backdrop of the stunning Lake Kutubu.
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Who we are & What we do (Roles & Functions)

The Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority is a statutory body wholly funded by the Government of Papua New Guinea and established under the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Act 1993. The organization is governed by the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority Board which includes the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Tourism, a deputy head of the Department of Finance and Treasury, the CEO of PNGTPA and seven other members that represent the interests of the tourism sector including hoteliers, tour operators, the airlines, banks and financial institution, tourist attractions, and the niche tourism sector associations.

The TPA is organized into three divisions and the office of the Chief Executive Officer. International market representatives are employed on a contract basis to coordinate and deliver strategic marketing in key geographic source markets.

The PNGTPA’s primary function is to maximize the economic benefits of tourism in PNG through:
  • Provision of tourism policy advice and its implementation, Promotion of PNG as a desired tourist destination,
  • Encouraging the provision, development and expansion of tourism infrastructure, facilities and products,
  • Assisting, guiding and facilitating new investment by local and international tourism entrepreneurs,
  • Increasing awareness, encouraging, assisting and promoting high levels of service, education and management within the tourism industry, and
  • Monitoring and reporting the trends as well as the effects of international tourism on PNG.

The functions of the CEO’s Office and the three Divisions of the organization are broadly outlined as follows;

Chief Executive’s Office
The Office is responsible for supporting the work of the CEO in setting the strategic direction for the organization and overseeing the management of the three Divisions, including liaison and reporting to the Board members and Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, industry and government partnerships and Corporate Public relations.

Marketing Division
The division is responsible for marketing of Papua New Guinea as a desired tourism destination; the main functions of the Division include market trade marketing, consumer marketing, public relations, internet marketing inlcuding research and statistics. It also oversee's the management of international representative offices including the strategic activities carried out, especially in the major markets of Australia and New Zealand, Europe, North America and Asia.

Policy and Planning Division
The policy and planning division is responsible for policy implementations, product development, and planning community impact projects within the tourism industry. It is also responsible for the implementation of the Tourism Master Plan that has been set out from 2007 – 2017.

Corporate Services Division
The Corporate Services Division is responsible for providing support services within the Organization including office administration and financial management, internal auditing, information technology, human resources and the tourism credit facility.

Our new tagline “A MILLION DIFFERENT JOURNEYS” is a promise, a campaign sign-off that expresses in a popular way on just how unimaginably diverse our country is in terms of culture, people, languages, wildlife and our natural environment. The new brand gives our destination a strong position and promotion as a preferred adventure destination in the Pacific to give us the competitive edge over other destinations.
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