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Tigak Sea Kayaking – New Ireland Province

This document is a development strategy for a Sea Kayaking Tourism Product in New Ireland. It is a Strategy prepared for consideration by the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority to form a basis for discussion with key stakeholders.

The Tigak Islands

The island of New Hanover lies 10-20 nautical miles west of New Ireland/Kavieng. Between the two large islands lie many smaller islands and reefs, the main islands include Baudisson, Enuk, Wadel, Selapiu, Bangatang and Patio, with many others. Weaving between the islands lie a network of navigable channels, including the main north-south routes of Steffen and Byron Straitand many other channels such as Senta, Alexandra and Eickstedt Passages and Nusa and Albatross channels.

The Tigak Islands have their own unique culture and language. To the north east of New Hanover, across Ysabel Passage lie the East Islands (including Tsoilik, Kawulikiau and Tsoilaunung). This network of islands, reefs and channel provides a myriad of beautiful seascapes and relatively protected waters for navigation of small craft. The small town of Taskul due west of Kavieng, is the New Hanover sub-district headquarters.


Current Sea Kayaking

The school trips arranged by Mentone Grammar have to date involved some sea kayaking using sea kayaks owned by Nusa Island Retreat. The trips have stayed close to the Kavieng area. Tikitu EcoAdventures (the fore-runner to Adventures in Paradise Yacht Charters) previously advertised sea kayaking trips.

There are number of properties providing accommodation in Kavieng, these include:

  • Kalaro guest House
  • Kavieng Club
  • Kavieng Guest House
  • Kavieng Hotel
  • Malagan Beach Resort
  • Peter Torot Conference Centre

Near to Kavieng there is Nusa Island retreat and Lissenenung Island Resort and just along the Boluminski Highway is the Tree House Village resort and the Noahs Ark transit House.

The standard and types of accommodation in Kavieng need to be considered in tourism planning and it must be noted that the prices are fairly high for product that do not necessarily match the standards in other similar priced products in PNG.

The Malagan Beach Resort could provide a good basis for Kavieng tourism accommodation however in late 2007, it was looking very “tired”, with the swimming pool unusable, some rooms out of service, in-room telephones not working, rooms being mouldy and other aspects not meeting a reasonable standard for the price. It would appear that a major renovation and reinvigorated management is required.

Nusa island retreat appears to offer reasonable, although low key tourism accommodation.

NOTE: Not all accommodation properties in Kavieng were reviewed for this Plan.


Tour Operators

There are a number of tour operators in New Ireland:

  • Luma Tours: Various Tours to attractions in New Ireland
  • Malagan Beach Resort: Road Trips, Walking Tours, Bird Watching
  • New Ireland Tours: Kavieng Town, WWII, Boluminski Hwy, Kontu (Shark Calling), Kaut Wildlife Area & Waterfall, Bird Watching, Fire flies
  • Nusa Island Retreat: Kayaking, Snorkelling, Fishing, Surfing, Road Trips,

Cycling Tours & Island Walks 

  • Pelagic Pursuits: Specialised Fishing Charters
  • Rainbow Tours: Specialise in cycling tours
  • Scuba Ventures: Scuba Diving, Snorkelling & Dive Courses
  • Treehouse Village Resort: Road Trips, Fire Flies, Bush Walking, etc

 None of the above local tour operators currently offer extended sea kayaking tours, although Nusa Island Retreat does have suitable kayaks and banana boats.

Needs Confirmation and Consultation

The route below has been prepared based on the two day site inspection, not all of the small passages and reef crossing were investigated. The route needs to be undertaken in a kayak and proven practical.

The various villages have not been consulted and as such the proposed route is subject to the various villages wishing to host the kayakers and provide meals, campsites, cultural presentations, accommodation etc.

The Potential Sea Kayak Trip

This section sets out the description of the trips route and the main aspects.

  • Day 1: Arrive Kavieng overnight.
  • Day 2: Nusa Island - Kabotteron/Engon (via Nago, Globig/Enuk)
  • Day 3: Kabotteron – Bangatang (via Nanawaul, Selapiu)
  • Day 4: Bangatang – Nusakelo (via Kawang, Nubilis, Patio)
  • Day 5: Nusakelo – Tsoilik
  • Day 6: Tsoilik – Kavieng
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